With over 8 500 members, the APBG addressed primarily to all teachers of life science and geosciences working at public and private schools. It is a professional association that is open to anyone interested in nature.

The APBG aims to increase advancement of bio and geosciences. It als aims at taking strong actions, especially in the press, or directly by its members. It aims to keep teaching at aschools in line with higher education, and has transformed a natural science in the description of science education to life and geo sciences.   If teaching  of bio and geo sciences is present throughout the secondary curriculum and in high school and considered a topic in its own right like physics and mathematics, it is largely through the actions of APBG.

The APBG effort to maintain the progress in high school and college to develop an experimental teaching. It builds and builds content-based skills and expertise from the wishes of colleagues.

It is the source of recruitment of new teachers with a master’s degree and European efforts to maintain national competitions CAPES and aggregation.

The National Committee APBG elected by the regional academic and the National Bureau’s Executive establish and implement, innovate, create and defend. They are also a force for propositional programs, schedules, life in general laboratories in colleges and high schools with departments and all stakeholders in education.

The APBG works and creates educational materials and scientific cooperation with academics, researchers and major economic groups. It functions as a bridge between education and the socio – economic.

The APBG takes part in the training of colleagues both at national and regional level conferences and training days. It releases many items teachers need. For this, it produces a quarterly national newsletter, runs a website, produces publications and teaching resources.These are points of thinking and help the defense, promotion and assistance to colleagues.