The Panhellenic Association Life Sciences (PEV) is the scientific and professional organization of Greek scientists (Court No. 4505-4608/2004). The PEV was founded in 1973 by graduates of the Departments of Biology under the name Panhellenic Association Biologists including as members of the graduates of the Departments of Natural History and colleagues from other parts of Greece with other relevant aspects dealing with the proven Biology.

Today’s renaming to the Panhellenic Association Life Sciences was relatively recently, the General Assembly on 20/3/2004 in response to the rapid evolution and to heterogeneity of specific cognitive areas of biology, as reflected by the creation of similar university departments in Greece.

The PEV is registered with the approximately 2300 fellow, is a member of ECBA and represented the National Education Council (ESYP) and the Central Board of Health (KESY), which are statutory advisors to the Ministries of Education and Health respectively.