Global Goals, Local Impact: Sustainably Ever After.

The third webinar in our series series that will actively contribute to our mission of creating a positive impact through education:

Global Goals, Local Impact: Sustainably Ever After.

This webinar series brings distinguished speakers to the wider public within our reach. We will enable direct interaction of participants with our speakers all across Europe, thereby bidirectionally bridging the gap between academic theory and business. Here is where theory becomes reality and meets everyday practice!
This 90 minute online format [English] will allow all arising questions to be answered.
Tuesday, 18. June 2024, 5 PM (CET)

” Biodiversity as a pillar for socioeconomic development – UNESCO Biosphere Reserves living laboratories for Sustainable Development”
with António Abreu the Director of UNESCO’s Division of Ecological and Earth Sciences and Secretary of the Man and the Biosphere Programme at UNESCO headquarters in Paris and former ECBA president.

In this talk, Antonio will walk us through the “Man and the Biosphere” (MAB) programme. Launched in 1971 by UNESCO it is an intergovernmental scientific programme that encourages interdisciplinary research, demonstration and training in the field of natural resource management.
Its aim is to promote respect for ecological diversity and associated cultural values, involving local populations and adopting an appropriate scientific approach. It is supported by a global network of sites designated by UNESCO as biosphere reserves. UNESCO biosphere reserves are ideal places to test and implement sustainable development practices at a regional level, while balancing the needs of social and economic development with environmental protection objectives.
UNESCO biosphere reserves are spaces for dialogue and cooperation at local, national and international level, promoting reconciliation between mankind and nature and promoting nature conservation and biodiversity as a central element of sustainable development.
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