Naturvetarna, the Swedish Association of Professional Scientists, is the trade union for science graduates. We coach, represent and support professional scientists throughout their working lives, starting as a university student.

We have 33 000 members working in life sciences, geology, forestry, environment, physical sciences, academic research, mathematics and computer science. A third of our members hold a PhD or a Licentiate. We represent our members in all sectors of the labour market.

Together with other trade unions, we negotiate collective agreements that regulate conditions in the Swedish labour market. We are experts on professional scientists’ competence, skills and labour market. This means we are able to give advice on employment conditions, salaries and career issues for scientists. We do not find jobs for our members, but we coach them and supply them with tools so they can get to where they want to go in their careers.

The scientific skills of our members are invaluable to employers and society in general, so our objective is that they must enjoy good working conditions, salaries that reflect their competence and performance and good conditions for continuous development in their employment market.

Naturvetarna is politically independent.

We are a part of Saco, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, whose associations organise members according to their professional education.

We offer all our members individual support and advisory services in English. Read more [Link to Naturvetarna] about what we can offer you.

Our vision is that scientists shape the future of the world.