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Upcoming Webinar: Navigating the Future with Sibylle Zavala

The new webinar series is going to bring distinguished speakers to the wider public within our reach. We will enable direct interaction of participants with our speakers all across Europe, thereby bidirectionally bridging the gap between academic theory and business.

Here is where theory becomes reality and meets everyday practice!

This 90 minute online format [English] will allow all arising questions to be answered.

Tuesday, 12. March 2024, 5 PM (CET)

“Navigating the Future: Unveiling the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive for Sustainable Business Practices”

with Sibylle Zavala, LinkedIn

In her talk, Sibylle will give an overview of a new EU law, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), that will concern around 50,000 companies in Europe. It aims to help investors, civil society organisations, consumers and other stakeholders to evaluate the sustainability performance of companies. As part of the European Green Deal it encourages businesses to develop more responsible approaches. This directive is not just about corporate responsibility; it’s a significant step towards understanding and mitigating environmental impacts, with a special focus on biodiversity.
Biologists will find particular interest in how the CSRD addresses biodiversity. As the most complex and significant aspect of sustainability reporting, it offers a context for understanding human impact on ecosystems and species. This topic is not only relevant for your current understanding but also important in shaping the minds of future generations towards a more sustainable interaction with our planet.
Given her enthusiasm for biology and her present position as a Senior Sustainability Consultant focused on this area, Sibylle Zavala is uniquely positioned to guide us through the complexities of new regulation design, like CSRD, shedding light on its implications for biodiversity and sustainable business practices.
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