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The National Order of Biologists was established by Law 396/67: This law outlines the profile of a professional biologist and specifies its powers.

These skills are broadly explained by the Ministerial Decree No Updated by Presidential Decree No. 362/93 and 328/01.

Requirement for access to National Order of Biologists is the possession of a degree (a degree in Biological Sciences and, pursuant to Presidential Decree No 328/01, certain other academic degrees) is valid for the exam of State practice the profession of biologist, and the attainment of approval thereof.

The National Order of Biologists has its own institutional forum in Rome, in Via Icilio No 7.

The National Order of Biologists members have an obligation to observe scrupulously the terms of the Code of Ethics for the Profession of Biology, approved by the Bar Council with its decision dated 16 February 1996.

The collegial bodies of the Order are:
– Council of the National Order of Biologists;
– National Council of Biologists.

The Bar Council is composed by 9 Councilors and have five-year term.

The present institutional positions in the Council are:
– President;
– Vice Chairman;
– Counselor Treasurer;
– Counselor Secretary.

The Bar Council is the governing body of the Order and has the powers spelled out below:

– Care observance of the law professional and all other provisions relating to the profession.
– Care to keep the register and list and provide the special registrations and cancellations, will ensure its review at least every two years.
– Ensure the protection of professional title and carry out activities aimed at combating abusive exercise of the profession.
– Adopt disciplinary action.
– Provide, if requested, to secure payment of fees.
– To undertake the administration of assets belonging to the Order and compiles an annual balance-sheets and budget.
– Establish, by decision of the Ministry of Justice, the measure of the annual contribution payable by the subscriber or in the ‘list and the fee for issuing certificates and opinions on the settlement of fees.
– Providing training for the purpose of continuing education in medicine.

The National Council is based at the Ministry of Justice, consists of no 15 advisers and has a term of five years.