The Association of Biologists was founded in 2009 and has worked with great dedication for biologists since its inception. While the purpose of our association is stated in detail in the statute of the association and in general terms below, our main purpose and purpose is; To bring biologists to the level they deserve in all areas of biological science, just as in developed countries, and to ensure that the rights and powers of biologists are legally guaranteed. To achieve our goal it is necessary to develop professional solidarity and to organize as much as possible. In this context, the membership of you, our valued colleagues, and your material and moral contributions will enable us to achieve our goals more quickly. Leading the Turkey of the future, setting the agenda,

In this context, the objectives of our association are accordingly generalized as below;

• Conduct research to increase the professional profit of biologists, take legal action where necessary,

• Work towards the establishment of the “Turkish Union of Biologists” (Chamber of Biologists) and ensure that the definition of profession and professional practices are guaranteed by law,

• Contribute to the development of biological science in Turkey, promote the profession of biologist to the public,

• Cooperate with relevant institutions regarding the professional rights of biologists in the scientific, technical, economic, and cultural fields, to provide the necessary assistance and suggestions,

Arranging training and courses on professional subjects, issuing certificates and participation certificates where necessary, making scientific and professional publications by arranging conferences and congresses, publishing magazines and bulletins on work subjects, organizing pages publishing in the virtual environment,

• Conducting activities to increase the employment of biologists in public institutions and organizations and private enterprises and to make suggestions to the relevant institutions,

•Take initiatives to ensure that biologists participate in all kinds of research, development, production, research, and inspection activities to be carried out using biological methods in Turkey,

•To be a member of national and international scientific and professional organizations related to biology and biologists in their field and to participate in the activities of these organizations,

• To ensure that the legal rights of both peers and the profession are defended on behalf of the public in matters affecting the field of biologists,

Determining the powers and responsibilities of working conditions in the institutions where biologists work, conducting studies to ensure compliance with international standards in the definition of the job description, making efforts to prepare and ensure documents ensure they work in accordance with professional ethical rules, to take precautions,

•Contribute and make suggestions to relevant institutions to eliminate scientific and technical deficiencies in public and private formal higher education institutions and to provide a more competent biology education,

• Create awareness activities for biology students and guide them in professional practice and collaborate with universities.