Cyprus – BSC

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Mission and Vision



The Biological Society of Cyprus is strictly scientific and it principle mission is to develop and promote Biosciences in Cyprus. More specifically, the Society and its members are committed to serve the following aims:


The encouragement of Research and Development in Biosciences

The promotion of  Education and Training of Biosciences in the Cyprus Educational System

The periodical publication of journals related to Biosciences

The pursue of close collaboration with other local and international  scientific bodies and professional organisations with related disciplines and expertise; the pursue of active membership to relevant international societies and organisations

The active involvement of the Society in any aspect of local socioeconomic activities that may be related or emerge out of Biological Sciences

In the context of its service to the people of Cyprus, the Biological Society would undertake specific actions for the protection of the environment through the study of the flora and the fauna of Cyprus and the establishment of a National Museum of Natural History


The Cyprus Biological Society was established in 1978 and became member of FEBS in 1999.



Key Offers


The society has under its auspices and serves as the chief organiser of the annual Olympiad in Biological Sciences. Members of the society undertake to responsibility to prepare young talented students for the World Olympiad in Biosciences

Conferences in Biological Sciences (with the Hellenic Biological Society)


The Biological Society of Cyprus accepts non-residential scientists as members, provided they are Citizens of the Republic of Cyprus. Non-citizens who are legal residents of the Republic of Cyprus are also accepted as members.


Name Role Email Telephone
Andreas Hadjichambis Secretary a.chadjihambi @ 99477309
Augusta Kokkofytou Assistant Secretary 99544675
Mikis Hadjineophytou President 99597009
Michael Hatzimarkou Member 99425584
Victory Rose Treasurer 99307552
p.Dimitris Mappouras Vice president 96441351
Christina Sideras Member 99455341