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The Portuguese Biologists Association (Ordem Biologos OBio) was legally created on the 20th April 1987 in Lisboa, as the professional association of the Portuguese biologists of all fields of activity.

The principal aims of APB are:

1. To define, promote and defend the professional rights of biologists.

2. To represent biologists before any institutions.

3. To contribute for the definition of principles and concepts regulating the activity of biolog ists.

4. To cooperate in the making of legislation related to the professional activity of bio¬logists, and to the teaching of the Biological Sciences at any level;

5. To define a code of professional conduct of biologists and to asure its application.

6. To promote the preservation and correct use of environment and natural resources.

7. To develop solidarity among biologists;

8. To promote the diffusion of information on the trends and concepts of the Biological Sciences domain.