Cyprus – Bio-Der

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Bio-Der was established in 1999. It is a non-governmental organization  Cypriot biologists. Since its establishment, Bio-Der actively involved in and hosted both academical and scientific researches on nature, environment and health issues. Also many projects on these issues are put into practice.

Aims of Bio-Der:


Investigating the natural flora and fauna of Cyprus

Cooperating with other associations in the world which  are related to biology

Developing scientific projects and providing their finance

Studying on projects to conserve the nature

Studying on projects for the public health

Studying on projects for preventing environmental pollution

Studying on projects to protect the ecological balance

Establishing a nature museum

Being in close communication with some associations in order to provide job opportunities for new graduated biologists


Activities of  Bio-Der:

To publish a scientific journal “Cyprus Science” every three months

To hold seminars on various contemporary issues (such as Global warming, AIDS, Thallasaemia etc) to inform society regularly

To hold annual conferences on Biological Diversity Day and World Environment Day

To conduct seminers for biology teachers

To work cooperatively with Ministry of Education to prepare text books for secondary and high schools

Mission and Vision of Bio-Der:



Our mission is to produce collective and original projects and put them into practice by gathering biologists who aimed to undertake the natural and scientific researches for Cypriot society.



Our vision is to become a respectable and a leading NGO, assuring scientific approaches as one of the most important values of our community and introducing the contemporary norms in the fields of environment, health and education.