Since its origin the ECBA has produced booklets. These links lead to downloadable pdf versions of the booklets.

ECBA pub Nº1 – Biology curricula at universities (1977) (PDF)

ECBA pub Nº2 – Biologists in European society (1979) (PDF)

ECBA pub Nº3 – School biology for child and society (1981) (PDF)

ECBA pub Nº4 – Healt education and school biology (1984) (PDF)

ECBA pub No5 – Biologists and the environment (1984) (PDF)

ECBA pub Nº6 – Professional biologists in Europe (1984) (PDF)

ECBA pub Nº7 – Competence of biologists for experiments on animals (1989) (PDF)

ECBA pub Nº8 – Biology and modern industry (1989) (PDF)

ECBA pub Nº9 – The European Communities biologists association (1992) (PDF)

ECBA pub Nº10 – Biologists and the management of conservation areas (1992) (PDF)

ECBA pub Nº11 – Revised biology curricula at universities in europe (1993) (PDF)

ECBA pub Nº12 – School biology for child and society (1997) (PDF)