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The Institute provides a forum for debate on the present structure and future development of the biology profession in both domestic and international context.

Current members include professional biologists in universities, institutes of technology , schools, government departments, hospitals, semi-state bodies and industry

The Institute of Biology of Ireland (Instituid Bitheolaiochta na h-Eireann) was incorporated as a limited company under the Companies Act 1963 to represent the interests of biology and professional biologists in the Republic of Ireland in June, 1965.


The principal aims of the institute are:

  1. To advance the knowledge of Biology in all its branches and the development of the natural resources of Ireland by all means and to promote the professional standing, efficiency and usefulness of Biologists for that purpose.
  2. To promote honourable practice, to repress malpractice, to settle disputed points of practice and ensure professional competence of Biologists.
  3. To represent and promote the professional interests of Biologists in Ireland.
  4. To facilitate contact and co-operation between Biologists in Ireland, within the E.U. and internationally.
  5. To advise the Government and Public in general on biological matters having implications for Society.


There are eight grades of membership: Fellows, Members, Honorary Members, Graduate Members, Associate Members, Student Members, Subscribers and Corporate Members. Full Members hold a first or second class Honours Degree in a Biological subject and have had at least 3 years experience in such responsible work in Biology, or its applications, as shall satisfy Council.

There are presently 250 Members of the Institute.

The current membership of the Institute comprises Biologists in universities, colleges of education, technological and research institutes, second-level schools and colleges, government departments, semi-state bodies and industry.

The authorised title of a Member is: Member of the Institute of Biology of Ireland (M.I.Biol.I.) Full Members are eligible to apply to the European Countries Biologists Association (ECBA) for the European Professional Biologist (EurProBiol) title. Administration:

The affairs of the Institute are managed by a Council consisting of: President, Vice-President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Ordinary Members (6).

Only Fellows, Members and Honorary Members are eligible for election to Council and the election of Members of Council takes place each year at the Annual General Meeting of the Institute.


  1. The main activities of the Institute comprise the following:
  2. Public lectures, symposia, workshops and seminars on general and specialised biological topics;
  3. Biology To-day one day programmes for second-level students, consisting of lectures and demonstrations by professional biologists;
  4. Career information for second-level students;
  5. The Institute’s Newsletter (published twice yearly).