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In Europe there are many masters available. We are now working on an overview of masters in Europe


The ECBA compared the European curricula twice in the last 30 years. There are now developments which make it urgent to do it again.

First of all there is a “new” biology. A term used for today’s biology in the USA and they mean business. This new idea may have an impact on how we want to organise Biology education in Europe. A good example can be the field of systems biology. A FEBS letter provides a good overview of the field.

Secondly we are now well on our way in the bama structure.  Like always we presume  no major differences between countries and/or institutes.

At national level there are already initiatives to update science to the reality of the 21st century.


The most important initiative to harmonize Europe’s academic education , facilitate mobility and employability of students, and increase the European dimension in higher education is the Bologna process. In Science online (May 2010) is a good article which provides an overvieuw of 10 years Bologna process.


Bologna process resources

– The official Bologna Process Web site 2007–2010

– The Bologna Process legislation, in a nutshell, on the European Union Portal Europa

– Calendar of Bologna events (including students’ events)

The Bologna Process Independent Assessment — The first Decade of Working on the European Higher Education Area. Overview and ConclusionsVolume 1: Detailed Assessment ReportVolume 2: Case Studies and Appendices.

– BOLOGNA 1999-2010: Achievements, Challenges and Perspectives

– ESU’s Bologna at the Finish Line — An Account of Ten Years of European Higher Education Reform

– ESU’s Black Book of the Bologna Process

– ESU’s documentary film, The Faces of Bologna

– ESU’s Towards 2020: A Student-Centred Bologna Process

– Trends in European Higher Education, EUA reports whose last installment was Trends 2010 report — A decade of change in European Higher Education

– Focus on Higher Education in Europe 2010 — The Impact of the Bologna Process, a report from Eurydice

– The Council of Europe and UNESCO’s European Network of National Information Centres on academic recognition and mobility (ENIC Network)

– The European Commission’s Study in Europe portal