Turkish government banned teaching of evolutionary science at schools.

Turkey has a unique scientific position due to its long standing connection to the European, Middle Eastern and Asian societies.
Sadly, the Turkish government has banned the teaching of evolutionary science at schools.
The ECBA considers not teaching evolutionary theory at schools a threat to the future of any country. The scientific theory of evolution is an integral part of science worldwide. It is crucial for the understanding of life and disease, nutrition, the environment and sustainability, as well as a bio-based economic progress. Especially, educating the general public on evolutionary science will help them understand and support the global fight against (infectious) diseases and grasp their role in safeguarding our planet for future generations.
Without teaching of the evolutionary science, the Turkish development of health, nutrition and sustainability (on a scientific, social and economic level) is harder to achieve.
This means that Turkey will be less able to benefit from its position in scientific, medical and biological research, both on a scientific and an economic level.

The ECBA endorses and refers to the EU standpoint regarding the dangers of creationism in education.